Policulture is the Original Mountain Reggae band from Boulder, CO. Policulture emanates heavy drum and bass with a roots rhythm, melodic horn section, and conscious lyrics. Forming in 2010 the band developed a contemporary reggae sound that is shaped by their upbringing and surrounding environment. With an understanding that music undoubtedly has the power to change the world, Policulture advocates a perspective of positivity and achievability in their music. Inspired by the tradition of roots reggae music, along with the current movement of modern roots reggae, the band is honored to have shared the stage with international touring acts including; The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, SOJA, Rebelution, John Brown’s Body and many more.

In the fall of 2018 the band released their album, Mountain to Cross, that reached the position of #4 on the Reggae Billboard charts. Based on principles of perseverance and determination, this record is aimed to influence positive change and encourage resilience in the challenging times we live in today. Everyone has their own mountains to cross. This path never ends, but neither does the journey. Perseverance and determination lie within us all; waiting to guide us through our inevitable hardships. 

Matt Niederhauser - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Melodica

Nick Sumner - Keyboards

Kyle Jerome - Saxophone, Backup Vocals

Thom Holum - Trombone, Backup Vocals

Christopher Ball - Bass, Backup Vocals

Casey Theriot - Drums



Policulture's music is available for purchase on all major music distributing outlets. Please follow the links below for digital purchases, and visit our store to buy a physical copy of an album. 



Mountains to Cross

The Bridge

Brain Power EP

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